Setting up a Custom Domain for your Vimeo OTT site

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You can use Vimeo OTT as your main domain ( or as a subdomain ( Setting up either is easy! Please refer below for exact instructions.


At this time, only the homepage of your Vimeo OTT site will have the custom domain. All other subpages (/products, /browse/help, & /forums) will have the VHX domain still. We have plans for FULL custom domains coming soon.

1: Register a Domain

There are plenty of options out there for registering a domain but some of the most popular are GoDaddy, Dotster and NameCheap. Any will do!

2: Setup the Domain

Once your domain is registered, you're going to need to make some DNS modifications to point the domain to Vimeo OTT. If that sounds scary, don't worry! It's real easy. 

Primary Domains
1. Redirect non-www to www
2. Point 'www' CNAME to ''
Subdomain Only
1. Point 'watch' CNAME to ''


Please note that for subdomains you may use any value you like - 'watch', 'buy', 'shop', 'catalog', 'cats-from-space'. We just used 'watch' as an example.

3: Setup your Vimeo OTT Settings

The last step is to tell your Vimeo OTT account that you're using a custom domain! Follow these steps:

  1. Head to your  Vimeo OTT Site Settings page
  2. Scroll down to the Custom Domain box. 
  3. Enter your full site address - i.e.
  4. Click Test Domain
  5. If the Results of Step 4 confirm your domain is connected, click Save. 
  6. If the results of Step 4 do not confirm your domain is connected, do NOT click Save. Please try again in a few hours. Prematurely connecting a custom domain before DNS has propagated may result in your site being unable to load.

That's it! Your domain is all connected and ready to share.

If the above sounds like total gibberish, don't worry! Simple, step-by-step, instructions are below.


View the step-by-step instructional guide for setting up a custom domain on GoDaddy  here.


View the step-by-step instructional guide for setting up a custom domain on Dotster  here.


  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the DNS button
  3. If your settings aren't on Advanced, select the "Advanced web DNS settings" option and click Update
  4. Scroll down to "Personal web DNS settings"
  5. Add "watch" into the first field (or whatever you would like your subdomain name to be)
  6. Select "CNAME" from the dropdown
  7. Add "" to the host/IP field
  8. Click Add DNS setting button
  9. In your Vimeo OTT Admin, go to the "Distribution" section and then "Platforms". Click "Settings" for your website and enter your full Custom Domain -
  10. Insert your new subdomain page and click save

That's it! You may have to wait anywhere from one hour to 48 hours for the subdomain to activate. Unfortunately this is just how the web works (it probably won't take that long)!

I don't know where I registered!

That's okay! You can try looking up your domain at and it may tell you where it was registered. If that doesn't ring any bells, just reach out to support and we'll do our best to help you solve this mystery!

I know where I registered, but it's none of the places listed!

There are a lot of domain registrars out there and we can't supply specific instructions for them all unfortunately. The general idea is that you want to insert a new CNAME that points your desired subdomain name ("watch", "buy", etc) to the domain Once that is in place, you will go to your Vimeo OTT Dashboard and insert the new subdomain name into your settings page. Easy, right?

If it isn't easy, we can help. We love to help.

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