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Uploading video content to Vimeo OTT is simple! You’ll see the Videos tab under Content at the top of your Admin. All of your video content gets uploaded here.


Our pricing depends on how many hours of video you upload to Vimeo OTT. The breakdown looks like this:

  • Uploading < 1 hour = FREE!
  • Uploading < 10 hours = $99
  • Uploading < 25 hours = $149
  • Uploading < 50 hours = $199

These hours are  pay-as-you-go and never expire, so any additional purchases are added to the hours of video you’ve already paid for. More information here!

  1. Before uploading, please compress your video content to our recommended compression settings.
  2. Head to the Videos page in the Content tab of the admin.
  3. Click the Upload Videos button on the Videos page.
  4. You will be taken to the Upload page, where you can drag and drop videos from your computer to upload or select your preferred method of uploading: 
    Upload page
    • Computer - Select and upload the file from your computer. This uploader is resumable, meaning you can leave the page, come back to it later and continue the process later.
    • Dropbox - Connect your Dropbox Pro account, and seamlessly grab the files from there.

    You can batch upload multiple videos at once. Just drag & drop the batch into the uploader. 

  6. Once the file is selected or dragged into the window, it will begin uploading. You can track it's progress on the videos page.
  7. Once the video is uploaded, it will begin the transcoding process. You can also track that progress on the videos page.
  8. You will be emailed when the video is finished processing and can then add it to a Subscription Collection or a Purchase/Rental Product


Once your film is uploaded, we will begin the transcoding process, and you will receive an email when it's ready. We transcode it to the proper sizes and formats for streaming and downloading (depending on your master file):

1080p MP4 download Source file must have a resolution of at least 1920x1080
720p MP4 download Source file must have a resolution of at least 1280x720
540p MP4 download Always created
360p MP4 download Always created
Adaptive streaming file Always created


Deleting videos does  NOT grant you more upload hours. Also, if you replace a video, it does take away from the overall hours allotment, since it begins transcoding immediately. The best thing to do is make sure you have the final version ready to go before uploading. More information here.


Once your video is uploaded and transcoded, you can edit the following settings by clicking the video on the Videos page. An edit window will slide out from the right of the page with these tabs:

  1. BASICS - In this tab you can edit the basic settings of the video.
    • PREVIEW - You can view your uploaded video by clicking the play button on the video up top.
    • REPLACE UPLOAD - Need to replace the video file? Click the Replace Upload button to re-upload! Note: Current video viewing will not be interrupted during the upload process.
    • TITLE - What is this video called? Title it!
    • DESCRIPTION - Describe the video for your customers. There are two descriptions, the short description and the full description. The short description is visible only when the video shows up in the featured carousel; the full description is the description that shows up when you hover over the thumbnail or when you click on the video itself.
    • THUMBNAIL - You can replace the Thumbnail image for the video. We auto-generate one for you at time of transcode as well.
  2. DETAILS - Control the more granular aspects of the video here.
    • COMMENTS - Customers can leave comments on your videos by default, but you can disable those here.
    • SUBTITLES - Upload subtitle files (SRT or VTT) for your international audience. 
    • SCREENERS - Need to send a secure video screener of this video to someone? Just click the button to quickly do so! Here's more info: Sending Screeners.
    • DOWNLOAD - You can download the downloadable versions of the video files here.
  3. ACCESS - Control the availability and who can access the video.
    • GEOBLOCKING - Want to control who can see your video by country? Set that here.
    • ACCESS (Subscription products only) - If you are selling subscriptions, you can control if you want this video to be available for free or only accessible to paying subscribers here. 
  4. STATS - In this tab, you can view video statistics like: Playback, Platforms, Geography, & Subtitles.

Still need help? Contact Vimeo OTT Seller Support Contact Vimeo OTT Seller Support