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Vimeo OTT created the Top Videos tool to help you discover which content on your network is the most popular with your customers.. This can offer insight into  which videos are the most watched, played, and finished. This information is pulled from all of your video content including subscriptiontransactional, and live videos.

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Where can I find Top Videos?

Viewing and exporting a list of your top videos on Vimeo OTT is simple! You’ll see the Top Videos tab under Activity at the top of your Admin dashboard.

How to filter videos over a time period

There are several pre-set options for adjusting the time. These include: Today, Past Week, Past Month, Past Year. Simply choose the desired range and click on Apply.

You can also Set a Date Range to set a custom start and end date. This will show you all of the top videos between the dates of your choice.

After choosing this option a calendar will appear. Pick both a start date and an end date using the pop-up calendar. Click the arrows to go backward and forward in the calendar. After selecting dates, click Apply and the data will display the top videos during that data range.

Sorting options

All tabs can sort the data in alphanumeric order. Clicking the tab again will sort the data in reverse alphanumeric order.

Title: This sorts by the title of the video as found in your collection.

Plays: A play happens when a viewer begins to watch a video. If they pause the video and return they are still on the same play session. Also, if the internet is interrupted but they don’t leave the page this will not increase the number of plays. Only when the user leaves the site and returns will it count as another play.

Finishes: A finish is calculated by a viewer watching the video in from start to finish. It will only count if a video has been watched at least 90% through.

Minutes Watched: Every time a video is watched the clock starts ticking. This calculates total minutes watched for that specific video.

Exporting to a spreadsheet

You can export the CSV from the data you have collected by clicking on the Export CSV button. This will send the file to your login email and you can save the data for offline use.

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