How to schedule your videos with time windowing

You’ve uploaded videos to your site, but you may not be ready for them to be released to your subscription product. With time windowing (aka scheduling) you don’t have to remember to log on and make your videos available later. You can specify when you want your content added to your product and when you want it to be removed. Using time windowing is simple, here's how:

1 Make sure you’ve uploaded your video(s).

2 Click to your Content tab and go to your Videos

3 Click on the video you want to schedule and click the Access tab. 

4 Go to the Schedule release drop down choose Set release time. Set the date and time that you would like video to become available. Note that it’s all in Eastern Daylight Time, regardless of where you are located.

5 If you want the video to become unavailable at some point you can set that up by going to the Schedule expiration drop down and select Set expiration time. Choose the date and time that you would like the video to be removed from your subscription. 

6 Hit Save and you’re all set. 

Time windowing is helpful if you are scheduling episodes to be released in a specific cadence, if you have licensing deals where you need to honor when the content can be available on your site, or if you are creating marketing campaigns around exclusive content that is coming or going from your site. 

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