How to Use Twitter to Your Advantage

Twitter can be a great tool for engaging with your existing audience and acquiring new fans. Here are some simple tricks for making the most out of your Twitter account while selling on Vimeo OTT.

Add a Trailer 

Having a trailer is a must in general. Prospective customers are more likely to buy or subscribe to your content if you have a trailer on your landing page. Sellers who use video on social to drive traffic have conversion rates that are twice as high as sellers who don’t use trailers. This becomes more critical when it comes to promoting your site on Twitter. Since there are videos attached to your site, Twitter will automatically default to having a play button when you post the URL for your homepage. If someone clicks play and you don’t have a trailer set up, your site it will look broken, like this:

Twitter Card No Trailer

When you are planning to send Tweets that include a link to your site, you can test the URL out using Twitter’s card validator. This way you can preview what your tweet will look like before you send it. If you have a trailer set up on your site, it will automatically embed to Twitter if you are using Twitter Cards.

If everything’s working correctly, a thumbnail of your video will appear, like this:

Set up Conversion Pixels 

Setting up conversion pixels on your Vimeo OTT site will automatically capture when someone purchases or subscribes after clicking to your site from one of your tweets. You can add Twitter conversion pixels following the instructions here. It’s also easy to add Facebook Pixels and Google AdWords Pixels

Twitter Tools 

Sellers commonly wonder what the best times and days are for them to tweet. Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal answer to that. The optimum times for you to post will vary based on factors such as your location and when your audience is engaging on social media. Fortunately, there are a number of tools out there to help determine what will work best for you.

Here are a few:

Google Analytics: Google Analytics (GA) is free, and you may already be using it in conjunction with your Vimeo OTT site. GA lets you track events on social media, but it also has custom reports on best days for you to post and best times by platform, and it shows your social media traffic by the hour and day.

Twitteroid: Twitteroid is a free tool without a ton of bells and whistles. If you just want a simple analysis of the best times for you to engage with your audience on Twitter, this is easy to set up.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite has both free and paid versions based on your budget and needs. You can see the optimal times to post, and they have a scheduler so you can set up your tweets ahead of time.

If you are specifically looking to pre-schedule your tweets, in addition to Hootsuite, here are some other scheduling tools to check out:

TweetDeck: TweetDeck is free and the dashboard is very easy to use an customize. In addition to scheduling, you can easily keep track of your followers’ activity and what’s trending on Twitter.

Buffer: This platform has free and paid versions based on your needs and how frequently you plan on Tweeting. The paid versions also offer some analytics to help you improve your engagement on social media.

Social Oomph: This is another free scheduling tool for your tweets. They also have a paid version which will give you access to scheduling on other social media platforms. 

Don't Forget to Connect Your Account

Make sure that you have your social accounts set up in your site settings. This is important for a couple of reasons. If your accounts are attached, customers can automatically mention you when they tweet that they have just signed up as a subscriber or make a transactional purchase on your site. We’ve also noticed that sites that have their social accounts attached to their homepage have a higher conversion rate than sites that don’t.

Twitter is just one part of the social media landscape. Don’t forget to take a peek at our tips for using Facebook and our other guides on marketing

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