DRM with Vimeo OTT

Vimeo OTT makes DRM technology available to sellers who have this as a requirement.

What is DRM?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a method by which content is protected from unauthorized use or copying. Different hardware manufacturers support different types of DRM technologies. Vimeo OTT DRM uses a combination of the following DRM technologies in our apps and experiences:

  • Apple Fairplay
  • Google Widevine Modular
  • Microsoft Playready

Does Vimeo OTT support my studio’s DRM requirements?

Many studios have specific or different DRM requirements depending on the content they are licensing and the partners they work with. Vimeo OTT aims to serve a wide array of these needs, so if you have specific needs or questions, please reach out to our accounts team.

What does using DRM mean for my OTT channel/subscription?

While our goal is always to allow sellers to distribute content far and wide on any device, use of DRM technology means there will be inherent limits to the reach of content and devices that are compatible.

To determine whether a given device and software set support these DRM technologies, please check your device’s support for the DRM standards above. Many device manufacturers publish these specifications for their devices along with relevant help documentation.

For example, Amazon’s FireTV specifications are here.

If you want to reach the widest array of devices and audiences, we recommend against turning DRM on for your content.

How do I enable DRM on my videos on Vimeo OTT?

Currently, DRM on videos is a paid add-on for your videos on Vimeo OTT. Contact us for more info.

Still need help? Contact Vimeo OTT Seller Support Contact Vimeo OTT Seller Support