Creating a Purchase / Rental Product

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HOW DO I CREATE A Purchase/Rental Product?

You can create a new Purchase/Rental  Product on the Products page.

  1. Click the Create Product button on the Products page and select Purchase / Rental
  2. Supply your Product SETTINGS:
    • TITLE - Title the Product to describe what it contains. Example: “Space Movie Deluxe Edition”.
    • DESCRIPTION - Describe the Product your audience will be buying. Example: "Get Space Movie Deluxe Edition today! Includes over 5 hours of bonus footage."
    • TRAILER - Have a trailer uploaded? Select it. This trailer will play on your homepage and in the embeddable player.
    • AVAILABILITY - This checkbox turns your Product ON or OFF from purchasing. Previous buyers will always have access.
  3. PRICE your Product:
    • PURCHASE PRICE - Set your Purchase price. Purchases include unlimited streaming and downloads for the buyers.
      • PAY WHAT YOU WANT - Enable Pay-What-You-Want pricing to allow customers to pay more than the base-price. We strongly recommend it!
      • PRE-ORDERS - If you want this Product to be set in pre-order mode, select this option. If you want to sell pre-orders, follow this guide.
    • RENTAL PRICE - If you want to enable rentals as well, set your rental price. Rentals are streaming-only for 3 days for the buyers. Read more on rentals.
  4. Add Product ARTWORK:
    • THUMBNAIL IMAGE - This image appears in customer emails, trailers, Facebook, Twitter, your website, and in Vimeo OTT Apps. Images should use a 16:9 ratio. We recommend 1920px × 1080px to ensure it scales well. 
    • BANNER IMAGE - This image appears on the top of any collection page. Images should use a 10:2 ratio. We recommend 1920px × 420px to ensure it scales well.Package Artwork
  5. Add VIDEOS to the Product to sell. 
    • Click the checkbox next to your uploaded videos to add them to the Product. 
    • You also have the option to set them to Streaming only, meaning the downloads will be disabled for the customers. Videos
  6. Add EXTRAS to the Product. Click the checkbox next to your uploaded extras to add them to the Product:
    Package Extras
  7. Edit ADVANCED Settings:
    • GEOBLOCK - You can choose to geoblock the Product or not. We recommend selling worldwide!
    • CUSTOM EMAIL RECEIPT MESSAGE -This is optional, but it is nice to include a custom email greeting, ie: filmmaker's personal message that gets sent to all who purchase this Product.  Example: "We hope you enjoy Space Movie and are grateful for your support!"
      Advanced Settings
  8. Click SAVE to create the Product. 
  9. Congrats! You are now selling. See below for how to share it and get some sales!


Great work! If you have the Product available, you are now selling. Here are some next steps:

  • Share the checkout link so others can purchase / rent! - Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc! To get to the checkout page of your Product, click the Preview checkout button on the main Products page and it will be copied to your clipboard. 
    This is what the checkout page to purchase your Product looks like for others: 
  • Embed this Product on an external website - You can also embed this checkout form on your own website


If you want to add videos to a Product that has already been sold and released to your audience, no problem! Here are the steps:

  1. Upload the videos you want to add on the videos page.
  2. Navigate to the Product's edit page and then to the Videos tab.
  3. Click the checkbox next to the new videos you want to add! 
  4. Click Save on the Product.
  5. You will be taken to the main Products page with an alert asking if you want to send an email notification to the buyers of that Product about the new video(s):
  6. If you do send the email notification, the customers will receive an email that looks like this and can start watching immediately: