Why branded apps are a good investment

Vimeo OTT launched branded apps on iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Roku for subscription networks last year. This year we’ve expanded our offering to include apps for Xbox One, Android TV, and Amazon Fire and soon we’ll be offering Samsung apps as well. There are quite a few benefits to expanding your network beyond the web viewing experience. Having apps for your network not only increases visibility and awareness of your brand, but they also help you grow your subscriber base and reduce your churn.

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Why Branded Apps 

Having your brand appear in a platform’s app store can increase your visibility to prospective subscribers. If they’re looking for the type of content you offer — whether it be original programming, fitness, or instructional videos — being present in app stores is a great way to get discovered. If you’re offering a free trial, which we highly recommend, having an app can help increase your customer conversion rate. People are 33% more likely to sign up for a free trial via an app then they are on the web. In general, two-thirds of free trial sign-ups convert into paying customers. These conversions can be even higher with people who sign up through apps — we’ve seen up to a 72% conversion on these platforms.

Apps can help retain customers too. Customers who sign up via an app platform are less likely to churn because their card expired since they use those accounts for other purchases. Apps can also help improve the lifetime value of your customers. 58% of customers who sign up via the web eventually add mobile or connected device viewing to their watching habits.


What Platform Should I Start With? 

Getting the full suite of apps we offer is great for attracting the largest number of prospective customers across all platforms, although if you want to start out slow with just one or two apps, you can do that too. The best platform to start with will be largely dependent on your audience’s demographics and viewing habits. For most sites, it makes sense to start with iOS. If you aren’t sure, contact us and we can help you determine which app is best for your network.

Branded apps are affordable, starting at $500 a month (this includes building, maintaining, and updates to your apps). If you think you’re ready for branded apps on your network, contact our team for more information. 

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