Getting started with campaign links

You probably have multiple ways of reaching out to your existing fans and potential customers. You may have a newsletter, email blasts, social posts, and/or ads. Those are great — but you’ll also want to know where your site visitors are coming from. This will help you determine which of your campaigns are more effective than others.

What are campaign links? 

Campaign links are tags you can add to any blasts you are sending out around your network. If someone visits your site by clicking on a campaign link, you’ll be able to track that. If you see heavy traffic from a specific campaign, it can help signal that your potential audience is responding better to particular content you’re highlighting or specific channels you’re using to reach them. You can use these insights to make adjustments to future campaigns.

How to build campaign links 

You don’t need to be a developer to create a campaign link. The easiest tool to use is Google Analytics (GA). It’s free and you can easily add your GA account to your Vimeo OTT site.

The only required fields for setting up a campaign link are the URL of the site you’re directing your audience and the campaign source where you’d leave a descriptor of where this link is appearing (i.e. a newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, etc). That’s all you’ll need to get started, but even though you can set up a campaign link without filling out any more information, it’s worth spending a few minutes filling in the rest of the details. In the long run, it will make it easier for you to see which campaign is yielding more traffic at a glance.  

Screenshot 2017-10-18 11.35.16.png

The campaign name field allows you to give a universal title to all of the different links you intend to house under one campaign. For example, you may be running a back to school promo for your subscription. You’d fill out “Back to School” in the campaign name field, and then alter the source for the different platforms you were blasting it on. That way, when you go into your GA account, you’d easily be able to see all of the campaign links for your entire Back to School campaign and determine if you’re getting more traffic and conversion from certain platforms.

Why are campaign links important? 

Insights from campaign links can help you determine which platform or messaging is getting you a stronger ROI. If you see you’re getting a lot more activity from Facebook than Twitter, that can inform where you want to spend money when it comes to social ads in the future. In addition, insights can help you track performance over time — if you’ve run promo codes at different time periods, campaign links can help you determine if you attract more signups around back to school vs holiday promotions. 

You can also use them to A/B test images or messaging in a campaign. If you use a different photo or video with a campaign link in a Facebook ad, you can title your Campaign Content fields with descriptors (white background, black background, or copy 1, copy 2, etc) to see if particular messaging is resonating better with your prospective audience. If you are doing this, just remember to only A/B test one thing at a time. Happy campaigning.

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