What's the best method to message my customers?

There are a few ways to integrate your VHX account with 3rd party emailing tools or CRMs:

  1. Use webhooks and Zapier to send to a mailing service - We can help set up webhook that sends your customer information to Zapier (a workflow automator), which then can send it to the messaging service of your choice. Here is a guide on that: How do I create a VHX webhook to use with Zapier?
  2. Export your VHX customers and import into MailChimp or another CRM - You can export and download the CSV from the Customers page then import into MailChimp each time you want to do a mailing. Here's how to export from VHX: Managing your Customers
  3. Use the VHX API - You could also create your own app using our API to pull all new customers to your messaging service account: Customers API

Also, if you simply want to notify your subscribers of new video content you have added,  you can do so within the VHX admin by following this guide.