How do I create a Vimeo OTT webhook?

Vimeo OTT offers webhooks that will pass customer information out from the Vimeo OTT system to a service like Zapier and then pipe it out to another system, like MailChimp!

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What are webhooks?

Webhooks are scripts that allow you to be notified when an event has occurred in the lifecycle of any of your customers. Using this information, you can do things like trigger emails, re-marketing, or other tactics to help further engage these customers. Implementing a Webhook on your OTT site (either through a script you’ve designed or a service such as Zapier), enables you to receive information when a customer:

Event Description Topic Name
Customer is created (mailing list signup) customer.created
Customer is added to a product (transaction involved) customer.product.created
Customer is updated customer.updated
Customer cancels their subscription customer.product.cancelled
Customer pauses their subscription customer.product.paused
Customer renews their subscription customer.product.renewed
Customer has a failed credit card charge customer.product.charge_failed
Customer's payment method has expired customer.product.expired
Customer has been disabled customer.product.disabled
Customer starts a free trial customer.product.free_trial_created
Customer is removed from a Product customer.product.deleted

How do I add a webhook to my Vimeo OTT site?

Grab the webhook URL from your service of choice and add it on your  Site Settings page under the Webhook URLs section:

Make sure you Save the page!

How do I create a Vimeo OTT webhook on Zapier (as a Seller)?

  1. Sign up for an account on
  2. Click on "Connected Accounts" - connect the accounts where you want the data to ultimately end up.
    • i.e. If you want subscribers from Vimeo OTT to go into your MailChimp account, connect your MailChimp account under Connected Accounts.
  3. Click "Make a Zap".
  4. Under "Choose a Trigger App", search for and select "Webhooks".
  5. Select "Catch a Hook" on the next option screen.
  6. The "Pick off a Child Key" should be skipped. This will allow all information to pass through from Vimeo OTT to Zapier.
  7. Zapier will now provide a webhook URL. Copy this URL and add to the webhooks section of your settings page to add to your site.

  8. All set! Any new customers data should be sent to your service of choice.

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