Understanding the Charges Tab

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What is the charges tab & what charges are listed?

In your Admin, upon selecting the Account tab and clicking on Billing, you will be directed to the page where you can track your payouts and charges. Under the charges tab, you will find invoices that display the billable activity that Vimeo OTT deducts from your payouts, such as:

Hours purchased

You can upload up to one hour of video for free. Once you’ve exceeded this, you will need to purchase additional hours.

These purchased upload hours will appear on the Charges page like so:


If you are selling from a custom website, e-commerce platform, or via Vimeo OTT API integration, there will be a $1 charge per fulfillment each month. 

For in-app subscriptions in your branded apps, there will be a similar charge per subscriber, per month. This is for In-app subscriptions that occur through iOS, Android, etc. Since we don't control the payment, we have to charge for the access after the fact. As such, the fees are not deducted at the time of sale/purchase.

Branded Apps

If you’ve decided to take your project to the next level by opting to create your very own branded app, you will find that this activity also appears under the Charges tab.

How do I add a credit card?

To ensure the billable activity listed above does not become outstanding and that your account remains active, make sure to add a credit card to your Vimeo OTT Seller’s account. Please note that the billing info in the charges section is different from your payout information. You can add your credit card directly from the Charges page. 

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