How do I notify my subscribers of new video content added?

Notify 'em! →

Need to let your subscribers know of the new video content you just added for them to watch? You can do this right within the admin and they will be alerted via email, and push notifications via branded apps (if you have those).


This guide is for Subscription Products on Vimeo OTT, and NOT for Transactional products (rentals/purchases). Read how to notify transactional customers here.

Sending a notification

  1. Visit the Products page in the Vimeo OTT Admin and click into edit your Subscription product (listed at the top).
  2. Select the CONTENT tab. A listing of your Collections will be shown. 
  3. Click on the envelope icon next to to the Collection you have recently added new video content to.
  4. Confirm the notification by clicking, "Send it!"
  5. An email will be sent to all of your subscribers to let them know of the new content available to watch!
  6. Now, enjoy the wave of admiration coming your way.