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Using the Customers page on Vimeo.

Where can I find data about my customers?

Customers page

We believe you should have access to all of the data about your customers, so we've made a page where you can get insight into different segments of customers and take action accordingly. The Vimeo OTT Customers page shows details about the people who are engaging with you, whether you're selling a subscription, transactional products, or both! 

You can segment your customers in many ways. You can filter customers who:

  • Are subscribed - These are all of your subscription product customers. 
    • In a free trial - Those subscribers still in the free trial session of your subscription (3, 7, 14, or 30 days depending on your setting.) 
    • New paying subscribers - Those customers who are actively paying and not in the free trial. 
    • Subscribers for at least one month - Those who have been subscribed for at least 1 month.
  • Paused their subscription - These are subscribers who have chosen to pause their subscription for 1, 2, or 3 months. They have this option on the purchases settings page
  • Are unsubscribed - All of those who once were subscribers but are no longer paying for the below reasons.
    • Canceled - This customer has chosen to fully cancel their subscription.
    • Could not be charged - This customer's card could not be charged after 2 automatic attempts made by Vimeo OTT. The customer is alerted when their card could not be charged so they can update it before we retry charging.
  • Have access to a Product - These are all of your transactional product customers.
  • Have not purchased - These are all those people who are signed up for your mailing list, but haven't purchased anything yet. 


If you'd like to give free access to a customer that has not purchased your product, you can also do this via the Customers page, using the  Add-a Customer tool.

What actions can I take on my customers?

When you click on a customer's profile/account on the customers page, there is a small blue button labeled Actions which will allow you to do 3 things:

  1. Email customer - This action will simply open your mail client of choice with an email open to this customer.
  2. Send login email - This action allows you to resend the login/watch email to the customer for access.
  3. Cancel subscription - And lastly, you can cancel any subscriber who is paying via the VHX/Vimeo OTT payment system. 

    Note: any customer who has subscribed via branded apps (iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon), cannot be canceled this way, as they must cancel themselves within the app stores system.

How do I filter, view, export customers?

Filtering customers on the  Customers page could not be easier!

  1. In the Vimeo OTT Admin, click on the Activity dropdown menu and select Customers.
  2. Simply click the Filters button and the filters will appear. 
  3. You can then click each filter and the customers page will load that specific list.
  4. You can click into a specific customer to see their activity. 
  5. Or click the CSV button to export all customers, or the selected filter list!
  6. The Status column in the CSV will have this information about your customers:
    1. Free trial - User in free trial
    2. Canceled - User canceled on their end.
    3. Disabled - Was refunded or disputed the charge with their card company and access disabled
    4. Expired - Users card expired or could not be charged and account was shut down
    5. Enabled - Active paying user
  7. The Marketing Opt-in Status column of the CSV will contain information about whether this customer has opted in to marketing communications from you or not (`true` for customers who have opted in and `false` for customers who have opted out. For more information, please see the Marketing Opt-in Status help guide.

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