How do I create Promos (coupons) for my Subscription?

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What are subscription Promos?
How do I create a Promo for my subscription product?

What are subscription Promos?

Promos are coupons for your subscription product on Vimeo OTT! Promos allow you to offer a time-limited discount that will attract new customers. You can use promos for special screening events, weekend flash sales, give them to niche groups, or hand out to friends!

How do I create a Promo for my subscription product?

  1. Before creating a Promo, you will need an available subscription product with videos within a Collection
  2. Within the Vimeo OTT Admin, go to your Products page.
  3. Click on the dropdown for your Subscription product and click Create promo.
  4. The Promos page will load. Click Create Promo and the create window will slide out. 
  5. Enter the following information and click Create Promo after finished:
    • Name your Promo - This is just for your information and is only visible on the Promos page.
    • Enter a quantity - How many subscribers should be allowed to use this code? 
    • Enter your code - The naming convention is up to you. You choose what the code is, shorter is probably easier to remember. There is a maximum length of 20 characters.
    • Choose the discount - You can set 10%, 25%, 33%, 50%, or 66% off.
    • Set the duration - Should this monthly discount be applied to 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, or 12 months?
    • Set start & end dates - When should this code be live? When should it end? End dates are optional, and the code will end when the quantity runs out if an end date is not set.
    • Create Promos
  6. After you have created a Promo, you can click the actions dropdown on it to see options for sharing/editing:Promos page
    • Edit - Click this to edit your Promo's settings and the window will slide out.
    • Promote on Homepage - Click this to feature the Promo on your website so that anyone who lands on your homepage will know about the discount. Warning: as soon as you select the promo in this dropdown, it will appear on the homepage of your Vimeo OTT site. To disable, click the dropdown and Remove from homepage.
    • Copy promo URL - If you don't want to promote it to everyone, you can simply click the "Copy promo URL" and share that link with a select audience. This is also a good way to test it out yourself before making it live. 
    • Copy redemption URL - Use this if you want to send people directly to checkout with the code applied already. Example:  We believe that the Promo URL will be more effective at converting people but figured it'd be handy for you to have both. 
    • Deactivate - Click this anytime on an active Promo to disable it immediately.
  7. That's it! Now get Promo-ing.

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