VHX has joined the Vimeo family

Vimeo <3 VHX

What’s happening?

We’re excited to announce that VHX is being acquired by Vimeo! In connection with this transaction, Vimeo is also hiring the entire VHX team.

In the short-term, nothing about the VHX platform will change. Joining forces with Vimeo will help us make the platform faster, more powerful, more cost-effective, and better for both buyers and sellers. There’s more on this in  our blog post.

How will this affect VHX sellers & customers?

It won’t! Everything will be business as usual. Part of why we’re excited about this deal is that Vimeo believes as strongly as we do about helping people build successful online video businesses — so there will be no changes or disruptions to the core VHX product. The improvements we’re planning will further expand and improve VHX’s offerings: better streaming infrastructure, better apps, better analytics, better customer support, and more. Over time we expect all of these improved efficiencies under the hood will translate into more competitive products and new marketing and syndication opportunities for our sellers.

What will VHX bring to Vimeo?

This acquisition will allow Vimeo to offer a full-stack, end-to-end distribution solution for video businesses. VHX brings a best-in-class platform for launching white-label SVOD/OTT channels and branded apps. By adding these features to Vimeo’s video hosting, creator services, and On Demand store, VHX helps complete Vimeo’s offering for creators of all sizes.

What will Vimeo bring to VHX?

For starters, amazing resources. Vimeo has world-class video infrastructures and great operational/business development resources that allow the VHX team to focus on the most important problems. It also means more marketing power on behalf of our sellers: Vimeo has built an amazing community of creators and viewers. They have worked hard to grow a large consumer audience, which VHX sellers can leverage for their content. 

What short term & long term changes do you foresee?

In the short term, VHX will continue to operate exactly as is. In the long-term, we’re excited to find more ways to leverage each platform's strengths to enhance the other. 

Will the creator revenue share economics change on either end?

VHX will continue to offer the  same pricing: OTT/SVOD service at $1/subscriber/month + transaction fees, and a flat fee of $200 for up to 50 hours of video. 

Likewise, Vimeo will continue to offer its 90/10 revenue share + transaction costs to its PRO subscribers.

Will you require VHX sellers to register for a Vimeo PRO membership?

No. The platforms will continue to operate independently for the foreseeable future.

Will you be integrating the VHX platform into Vimeo On Demand?

TBD. We see a lot of potential value in helping sellers both operate their own destinations as well as syndicating into the larger Vimeo marketplace. But we’re not focused on that today.

Do my customers need to have a Vimeo account to purchase my videos now?

No. Your customers will not have to sign up for a Vimeo account. The platforms will continue to operate independently for the foreseeable future.

Have the rights to my video content changed in any way?

No. Our terms of service have not changed.

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