How to build your audience before selling

We see time and time again that publishers who build their audiences early are the most successful. You don’t have to wait until your film is released to get started with outreach and promotion! Here are some early steps for building your audience:

Make the most of social media 

Use your social feeds wisely! Link social channels like Twitter and Facebook back to your site, so you can build up a list of followers. This will come in handy when you launch pre-orders or want to offer a coupon discount for loyal fans. Also, pay attention to the site traffic in your Vimeo OTT dashboard — this data can help you decide where to put your marketing budget if you’re considering social ads to spread the word. 
Another tip for integrating social media: Make your social accounts visible on your site! That way your fans can easily follow you, and then give you all kinds of likes/reblogs/faves!

Utilize your site forums 

Did you know that your Vimeo OTT site includes forums? They are a great way to connect with your fans even before you release your content. You can start threads around production updates, promotions, or fun topics related to your content and engage with your fans in conversations. You can look here for tips on making the most out of forums. 

Release trailers on YouTube 

Just like any other social channel,  YouTubeis a great way to drive traffic back to your site. It’s all about easy discovery! Use annotations and cards to link interested fans back to your site. 

Offer pre-orders 

Pre-orders are a tool for  transactional sellers and are a great way to generate buzz around your content and also gauge your audience. The best window is typically 1–3 months before releasing your work for sale. You can entice customers to order early by offering a discount on pre-orders or including early access to bonus content to customers who purchase early.