How do I purchase more video upload hours?

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How much does it cost to upload video to VHX?
How do I purchase more upload hours? 
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to upload video to VHX?

Our pricing depends on how many hours of video you upload to VHX. The breakdown looks like this:

  • Uploading < 1 hour = FREE!
  • Uploading < 10 hours = $99
  • Uploading < 25 hours = $149
  • Uploading < 50 hours = $199

These hours are pay-as-you-go and never expire, so any additional purchases are added to the hours of video you’ve already paid for.

How do I purchase more upload hours?

You can purchase more upload hours any time on your VHX site's admin  Videos page (under the Content tab).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cost related to how long the videos are or how long it takes to upload them?

The upload fee is related to the length of your video content that you are uploading, not how long it takes to upload them. 

Does deleting videos create more upload space and grant me more hours on my account?

Deleting videos does NOT give you more upload hours. 

Does the "Replace Video" option count towards my hours purchased or is it in addition to that?

If you replace a video, it does take away from the overall allotment, since it begins transcoding immediately. So the best thing to do is make sure you have the final version ready to go before uploading.

Say we uploaded 10 hours for $99 and then had ANOTHER 10 to upload in 6 months. Would we pay another 99 or just the difference ($50) between the $99 we already paid and the next level <25 Hours?

You’d have to pay an additional $99 in that case. If you know that you will eventually be uploading over 25 hours of content I recommend buying the $149 package.  

Does this mean we incur these fees PLUS VHX taking a percentage of our sales?

The upload fee is in addition to the percentage of sales, which has not changed. 

Does this mean that for every video that we upload which is shorter than 1 hour, we do not have to pay any fees? Or that the total of our videos is less than 1 hour long?

It's one hour of total uploading that is free. 

Why did you start charging for uploads?

Video on the internet is an expensive proposition, especially if you want to do it right. Our publishers are making amazing videos, so we built the VHX player to give customers the best video-watching experience possible. That means that, for every video file that is uploaded to our platform, we transcode multiple unique versions that work across every device and adjust automatically depending on streaming performance. By charging for uploads, we will be able to continue to provide the best service across all devices. We spent a lot of time talking to current VHX publishers about pricing before making these changes. And we developed this upfront payment structure so you don’t have to worry about ongoing incremental costs.

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