Ways To Sell on Vimeo OTT

The two main ways to grant access to your videos on Vimeo OTT are  Subscription or Purchase / Rental. 

Subscription (SVOD)

This allows customers to pay a recurring monthly or yearly fee to receive unlimited access to collections of video content through your branded  Vimeo OTT website or app. You can organize the videos any way you like, set monthly and yearly pricing options, as well as lengths for free trials.

You can also " add customers" to your Subscription product via the Customer's page for $1 per customer per month.

Note that Transactional and Subscription have different pricing. Refer to Pricing for full details.

Purchase / Rental (TVOD)

This refers to renting and purchasing. Once you've arranged your videos into Products, you can set either a rental price, a purchase price, or both. Rentals allow for unlimited streaming within a 72-hour period, and syncing for offline access inside the VHX app. No direct downloads are permitted. Purchases allow a customer to access all videos inside a product forever, either by streaming or downloading. 

You can also provide free or discounted access to your videos using tools like ScreenersAdd Customer, or Coupons.

There is no limit to how many times a user can stream or download, and you will never be charged extra for any bandwidth costs. Optionally, videos can be set to be "streaming-only", which will disable downloading.

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