Can I set up Google Analytics on my Vimeo OTT site?

You can use the Vimeo OTT Dashboard to manage your traffic and sales. If you would prefer to use Google Analytics, you can connect your Google Analytics ID on the Settings page.

Once connected, Vimeo OTT will automatically send traffic information to your associated Google Analytics account. Vimeo OTT will also publish sale events for Ecommerce tracking.

Some smart things to track with Google Analytics:

  • Traffic & Sale Conversions: Dig even deeper into these stats. Pay attention to the top referrals and conversions to see how people are getting to your site, and when they’re buying. So if people are talking about your movie on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll be able to see that traffic, plus track if they actually made a purchase. 
  • Campaign Tracking: Track specific clicks and conversions by creating unique campaign URLs. Example: You’re running a flash sale. Make a special URL for that campaign so you can see how many times the sale links were clicked, on what platforms, and who bought it. 
  • Demographics: Look at the age, gender, and geographic location of your audience to target your selling. Distribution companies pay a lot of money for something like this, and it’s free with Google Analytics!
  • Real Time Tracking: Watch visitors enter your site in real time — great for judging the impact of launch events and large-scale promotions. It’s also just plain fun.

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