How do I sell pre-orders of my purchase products?

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How do I create a pre-order Product?
How do I release a pre-order Product?


You can create a pre-order for  your uploaded videos on the Products page.

  1. Click the Create Product button on the Products page.
  2. Fill out all the information for your product:
    • TITLE - Title the product to describe what it contains. Example: “Space Movie Deluxe Edition”.
    • DESCRIPTION - Describe the product your audience will be buying. Example: "Get Space Movie Deluxe Edition today! Includes over 5 hours of bonus footage."
    • THUMBNAIL - providea 16:9 ratio image (3840 x 2160 pixels works best) to represent your Subscription
  3. Next is the CONTENT tab. Here you will set the following: 
    TRAILER - this is a video that represents your Subscription. You may upload a new video here or choose a previously uploaded video.
    • Click "Choose Trailer" to see a list of your uploaded videos that you may select to use as your Subscription trailer.
    ADD VIDEOS - click the Add Videos button to select from a list of previously uploaded videos that you'd like to offer to your Customers. Note that you can select the "Disable Downloads" option for any video that you wish to be Streaming Only.

  4. Set the DISTRIBUTION options for your product.

    For a PRE-ORDER product, you will want to choose the PRE-ORDER option.

    Once selected, you will be shown the option to set a Release Date. If you know when your Product will be released for sale, enter this date here.


    Pre-Orders are NOT automatically released. When you wish to make your Pre-Order product available to your customers, you must manually Release the product from Pre-Order!

    Set your Geoblocking options on this page as well. This allows you to set your Product to only be available for purchase in the countries you designate. For more on Geoblocking, read our Guide to Geoblocking.

  5. PRICING your product:
    • BUY PRICE - Set your preorder purchase price. 
      • PAY WHAT YOU WANT - Enable Pay-What-You-Want pricing to allow customers to pay more than the base-price. We strongly recommend it!
    • RENTAL PRICE - If you want to enable rentals as well, you will need to do this AFTER you release the preorder. Rentals are streaming-only for at least 3 days for the buyers. Read more on rentals.

  6. Add EXTRAS to the product. Click the checkbox next to your uploaded extras to add them to the product:

  7. Edit ADVANCED Settings
    • CUSTOM EMAIL RECEIPT MESSAGE -This is optional, but it is nice to include a custom email greeting, ie: filmmaker's personal message that gets sent to all who purchase this product.  Example: "We hope you enjoy Space Movie and are grateful for your support!"

  8. Click SAVE to create the product.



Setting a release date WILL NOT automatically release your pre-order on that date. This date is strictly to inform your audience of when your content is being released.

  1. Go to the page of the product you want to release on the date you want to release it.
  2. Click the green Release now button on the top of the product page. 
  3. An alert will let you know that this release will charge the credit cards of those who have preordered and notify them of the release. Click the Release it! button to release it. You should expect to receive a payout for all pre-orders successfully charged, following the month of release. 

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