I've uploaded a video. What's next?

Great! Now you can either sell the video content transactionally in a Product or through Subscriptions! Or, you can do both.

I. Create a Purchase/Rental Product!

What are Purchase/Rental Products?

Creating Products on VHX is like putting together your ideal digital DVD. What are you selling? How much do you want to sell it for? Maybe it’s one video, or a bundle of videos and bonus content. Create one, two, or more products to sell on your site. Setup a pre-order!

How do I create a Product?

Head to the Products page in the VHX admin and click Create Product to set a price, add a description, artwork, and select which videos you want within that Product. Once you've saved your Product, you are selling. It's that easy! Here's a guide for more information.

II. Sell a Subscription!

What are Subscriptions Products?

With Subscriptions on VHX, you can charge your customers on a recurring monthly and/or yearly basis for streaming-only access to your content. You can add new work as often as you want. You control the branding, playlists, and pricing.

How do I setup a Subscription?

Head to the Products page of the VHX admin to create a Subscription. Set the monthly/annual price, add a Subscription image and description, and create Collections of your uploaded videos. Here's a guide for more information.

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