How do I sell with Vimeo OTT on my external site?

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If you already have a website for your work, and want to use Vimeo OTT to sell, you can embed our checkout tools to integrate the buy experience on your already made site. We have 2 types of embeds for selling your Vimeo OTT  Products: a full checkout embed, and a trailer video embed.


You can only embed the trailer and checkout widget on your external website. Once someone subscribes via the checkout widget, they are seamlessly redirected to a Vimeo OTT hosted page to view your video content. The paid videos do not get embedded on your external site, just the checkout form/trailer does. 

In this article:

Checkout Embed
Trailer Embed (with Buy Button)


What is the Checkout Embed?

The Checkout Embed is the new look of your Vimeo OTT purchasing experience. Instead of being redirected to a new page to buy your content, your audience simply clicks the Buy button and a checkout form slides out for immediate purchasing. Once purchased, they will be taken right to your watch page.

If you are using a Vimeo OTT theme, you are already set up with the Checkout Embed! We auto-include the form and attach all of your buy/login links to it on your Vimeo OTT site.

Embedding the Checkout Widget on a non-Vimeo OTT site

To integrate the Checkout Embed on a 3rd-party site (not hosted on Vimeo OTT), follow these steps:

  1. In your Vimeo OTT site admin, head to the Promote page, under the Distribution tab. The Promote page is also located at
  2. Locate Embed Your Checkout and click through to grab the code.
  3. On the Checkout Embed page you will first see the embed code to put on your website. Copy the code from this box and place it in the source code of your website.
  4. Once the code has been embedded on your site, head to Step Two on the Checkout Embed page to get the Product links to trigger the slide-out form. 
  5. First, select the product you want to sell:
  6. Then, copy the link code and put that on your site somewhere for your customers to click.
  7. Any time a user clicks that link on your website, the Checkout Embed will slide out and they can purchase your video and start watching. 
  8. If you have multiple linked Vimeo OTT sites on your non-Vimeo OTT page (,, you can additionally set specific data-vhx-site attributes on individual links to override your primary one set on the script tag, like so:
<a href="<wbr>buy" data-vhx-site>Buy my other movie!</a>


Want to show off your work with the amazing trailer you just cut? You can embed that trailer with a buy button that links right back to you buy page. Indie Game: The Movie's trailer is embedded here:

Follow these steps to embed your trailer:

  1. Head to the Promote page under the Distribution tab of your Vimeo OTT admin or visit
  2. Click Customize Your Embed under Trailer Embed:

  3. On the Trailer Embed page, you'll see the embedded preview video at the top of the page with the embed code underneath it. 
  4. You can change the following settings to customize the look of the embed.
    • Product - Select which product trailer you want to embed.
    • Width & Height - Change the size of the embed.
    • Visibility options - Choose if you want the Title, Buy button, or Social buttons visible in the embed.
    • Color options - Change the button color in the embed.
  5. Now, you can copy the Embed code from the page and paste it into an HTML field on your site or blog and save!