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What are Subscriptions?

Subscriptions on Vimeo OTT let you charge your customers on a recurring monthly and/or yearly basis for streaming-only access to your content. You can add new work as often as you want! You control the branding, packaging, and pricing.  Learn more!

Vimeo OTT's subscription fees are simple:  $1 per subscriber per month + merchant feesMore on pricing.

How do I set up a subscription product on Vimeo OTT?

Once your  videos are uploaded, and you have Collections created, you can create a Subscription product:

  1. Head to the Products page of the Vimeo OTT Admin
  2. Click the Create Product button and select Subscription from the dropdown.
  3. You will then be taken through the process of creating a subscription, first landing on the SETTINGS tab where you can set:
    • TITLE - Set a name for the subscription.
    • DESCRIPTION - Describe what the subscribers will be receiving.
    • TRAILER - Set a trailer for your product from your uploaded videos.
    • AVAILABILITY - This is the ON/OFF switch for the subscription. 
    • CUSTOM EMAIL RECEIPT (optional) - Enter a special message for the subscribers. It appears in the email receipt to them. 
  4. Next is the PRICING tab. Here you set the following:
    • Monthly Recurring Price - If you set this price, people get charged monthly. ($1.99 minimum)
    • Yearly Recurring Price - If you set this price, people get charged yearly. ($12.00 minimum)
    • Free-trials - Want to give subscribers a free trial to watch your content before they are charged? Set it for 3, 7, 14, or 30 days! Or, don't.


      You will not be charged the $1 price for a subscriber in a free-trial. You will be charged once the customer is in the paying part of the plan.


      A $1 holding charge will be processed on the customer's card. These transactions will be reversed immediately and should disappear from accounts within 24 hours. The reason for this charge is to help prevent fraud.

  5. Next, upload the Subscription ARTWORK. This is displayed on your site, social media, and in Vimeo OTT apps.
  6. And finally, add your CONTENT! Content is managed by your Collections on Vimeo OTT. You will need to setup a Collection on the Collections page to add it to your Subscription product. Here is a guide on Collections.

    A Collection is a group (or folder) of videos that you select for your paying subscribers to view. Your subscription must contain at least 1 Collection. There are 3 types of Collections you can make for your subscription: 

    • Movie - A Movie Collection is for a feature film with optional supporting content.
    • Series - A Series Collection is for just that - a series, with seasons and episodes. You can sort by seasons within a Series.
    • Playlist - A Playlist is a group of videos ordered for consecutive playback.

    Add Content

  8. Once you have done those things, hit the Save Product button. Congrats! Your subscription is now for sale. 

When do subscriptions get charged each month?

Subscriptions get charged on the same day each month/year that the user has subscribed. So, if they first subscribed on March 15th, they would next be charged on April 15th. 

How does a subscriber cancel their subscription?

They can cancel at anytime on their purchases settings page at When they cancel, they will have access to the content until their next billing cycle day. 

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