How does customer support work on Vimeo OTT?

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When you use Vimeo OTT to sell your content, we've got your back on customer support. We strive to reply and help your customers as quickly and effectively as we can. A customer will wait no longer than 24 hours for reply from the Vimeo OTT support staff.

Where do I send people who need help?

You can direct customers to these two places:

  1. Contact Vimeo OTT Support form:
  2. Vimeo OTT Support Knowledgebase:

What are the typical response times for customers?

Our hours of customer support are 9AM - 11PM EST daily, 7 days a week. We average around 45 mins when first replying to a customer. 


Each Vimeo OTT account has a special FAQ page that covers every detail from buying to watching on VHX. Check it out here: These all link out to larger customer support knowledgebase here: Customers can quickly find common answers to their questions there.

Email Support

If the customer cannot locate their answer within the FAQ, they can reach out to Vimeo OTT support via the contact form on your respective Vimeo OTT account. A link to the form is at the bottom of the FAQ, and it links to this page:

If questions come in that are directed at you, the publisher, or are outside of our realm of knowledge, we will forward the email to you to answer.

Twitter Support

If your customers are reaching out to you via Twitter for support, refer them to your support contact page, and we can handle from there. On top of that, we actively monitor Twitter for Vimeo OTT mentions and will chime in to help if needed.