How do I sell rentals?

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Think about the classic video store experience: rent videos for a limited amount of time, at a lower price point. Now you can offer your own digital rentals as another option for customers to watch your videos.  All rented videos are streaming-only, meaning a customer cannot download the video file. 

How long do rentals last for a customer?

After a customer starts watching a rental, they have 3 days to finish. In those 3 days,  customers have total access to stream the content as many times as they like

How much should I charge for rentals?

That's ultimately up to you! Since rentals don't include a download version of the video, try cutting your full purchase price in half for rentals. So, if you're charging $7.99 for your movie with downloads, try $3.99. 


You can enable rentals on any Product that is NOT in pre-order mode. 

  1. In the Products section, use the drop-down arrow to select Edit for the Product you want to update.
  2. Under the Rental Price field (on the upper-right of the page), click the Enable button and enter your rental price. 
  3. Click Save to enable rentals on the Product.


You can create a new Product on the Product page under the Content tab of the Admin.

  1. Click the Create Product button on the Product page.
  2. Supply your Product SETTINGS:
    • TITLE - Title the Product to describe what it contains. Example: “Space Movie Deluxe Edition”.
    • DESCRIPTION - Describe the Product your audience will be buying. Example: "Get Space Movie Deluxe Edition today! Includes over 5 hours of bonus footage."
    • TRAILER - Have a trailer uploaded? Select it. This trailer will play on your homepage and in the embeddable player.
    • AVAILABILITY - This checkbox turns your Product ON or OFF. 
      Package Settings
  3. PRICE your Product:
    • PURCHASE PRICE - If you want to sell, set your Purchase price. Purchases include unlimited streaming and downloads for the buyers.
    • RENTAL PRICE - If you want to enable rentals as well, set your rental price. Rentals are streaming-only for 3 days for the buyers. Read more on rentals.Pricing
  4. Add Product ARTWORK:
    • THUMBNAIL IMAGE - This image appears in customer emails, trailers, Facebook, Twitter, and your website. Images should use a 16:9 ratio. We recommend 1920px × 1080px to ensure it scales well. 
    • BANNER IMAGE - This image appears on the top of any collection page. Images should use a 10:2 ratio. We recommend 1920px × 420px to ensure it scales well.Package Artwork
  5. Add VIDEOS to the Product to sell. Click the checkbox next to your uploaded videos to add them to the Product.
    Add Videos
  6. Add EXTRAS to the Product. Click the checkbox next to your uploaded extras to add them to the Product:
    Package Extras
  7. Edit ADVANCED Settings:
    • GEOBLOCK - Also optional, but at the bottom of the Product edit page, you can choose to geoblock the Product or not. We recommend selling worldwide!
    • CUSTOM EMAIL RECEIPT MESSAGE -This is optional, but it is nice to include a custom email greeting, ie: filmmaker's personal message that gets sent to all who purchase this Product.  Example: "We hope you enjoy Space Movie and are grateful for your support!"
      Advanced Settings
  8. Click SAVE to create the Product.
  9. Congrats! You are now selling