How do I fulfill my Shopify store orders with Vimeo OTT?

Unfortunately, the VHX Shopify app is no more.

Shopify has announced they are changing their billing structure, which affects how their apps are run. 

In terms of next steps, we have a few options:

  1. Use the VHX API to create your own Shopify-to-VHX integration with a developer. Each time a customer buys a Shopify product that is linked to a VHX Product and is sent video content, it costs you $1 per fulfillment
  2. Switch your store over to BigCommerce and use our BigCommerce/VHX App to fulfill.
  3. Set up a webhook in Shopify to alert your VHX admin when a purchase is made for a product. (This is a manual integration.)

We understand this is an inconvenience and we are sad that Shopify made this change. Please let us know of any questions, so we can help you with next steps. 

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