Do Vimeo OTT links work in YouTube Cards?

Yep! If you have any video content up on YouTube, you can add a card to your video that links back to your Vimeo OTT site. While most links don't work inside cards, VHX URLs do! 

To view Google's guide on how to add cards, click here or check out our instructions below!

Adding a card to your YouTube video

Here are the simple steps to add a card:

  1. On YouTube, head to the edit page of the video you want to add the card to.
  2. Click the Cards icon in the top menu.
  3. On the Cards page, navigate in the timeline to where you want the card to appear in your video. 
  4. Click Add card and then Create in Merchandise:
  5. A URL window will pop-up. Enter your VHX site URL here. Example: ""

  6. Once the URL is entered, your site will load and you can choose a thumbnail. Click Create card.
  7. Your card has been created! You can now sample your card, or add another.

If you need further help, check out YouTube's help guide on creating cards.

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