How do I fulfill my crowdfunding campaign with Vimeo OTT?

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Fulfilling crowdfunding rewards is super easy! Follow the steps below to deliver video rewards to your backers. 


Sign up for Vimeo OTT!


Upload your video.

Compress to our video compression settings, & upload on the videos page! You get 1 hour free of upload space


Put your content into a Purchase/Rental Product.

Products are what get delivered to your backers. Create a new Product (set to Unavailable) with the videos the backers will receive. Name it something like "Space Movie Backer Rewards"


Enter any price in the pricing section. The backers will not see this price at all. Make sure you leave the Product UNAVAILABLE and preorders OFF.


Send free access to your backers.

On the Customers page, hit the "Add Customer" button, select the Product you want to send, paste a comma-separated list of up to 100 of your backer's email addresses in the recipients field, & add an optional custom message to be included in the email to the recipients. Your backers will receive an email to start watching immediately, and you will be emailed a confirmation that they have all received it. Each product access sent costs you $1.


Alternatively,  Vimeo On Demand might be a great option for you to fulfill your rewards. To fulfill on Vimeo OTT, it costs $1 per backer, and on Vimeo On Demand, you can make an unlimited amount of codes you can disperse for free!

Vimeo On Demand

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