Understanding Payout Statements

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What are Statements?
What is included in Statements?
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Statements are a report of your monthly sales. All gross sales, fee schedules and geographic breakdown are included in your statements. Reports will be available to view on the web, or you can download PDF or CSV reports with all transaction details. A sample invoice looks like this:


  • Gross Sales: This is a sum of all purchases during the month.
  • Refund Fees: You'll see this line item if a purchase from a prior month was refunded during the current month. The amount you'll see here is the purchase price minus the fees you paid since we don't charge you fees on transactions that are refunded.
  • Vimeo OTT Fees: This includes the percent of sales as well as transaction fees, coupon fees or fulfillment fees.
    • 10% of transactions: sum of fees charged as a percentage of your sales price (Gross Sales sales x 10%)
    • 50 cents: sum of fees charged for each transaction completed (# of purchases x $0.50)
    • $1 per subscriber per month
    • $1 for API fulfillments
    • Coupon Fees: most coupons are free but some films will have expenses related to bulk coupons or special merchandise-related coupons
    • Fulfillment Fees: We have the ability to fulfill digital redemptions associated with merchandise purchases on BigCommerce. These fees are related to those transactions.
  • Net: This is the amount we will send to you this month. We calculate this amount by netting all fees out of the Gross Sales.


Currently all calculations and payouts are made in USD.


This page shows a breakdown of sales per product. 


This page shows a breakdown of sales that took place in each state of the United States as well as a breakdown per-country. You can use this data to assess what taxes you owe.

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