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Your project is finished! It’s time to promote your work. How are you sending your screeners?

Are you sharing password-protected uploads? Are you remembering to rotate passwords between festivals? (Eeek! We hope so.) But that whole song and dance gets clunky.

Vimeo OTT can help you step up your promotional game with a new feature that’s simple, secure, personal — oh yeah, and free.

Vimeo OTT Screeners let you email individual recipients with secure, streaming-only links to your film. You choose how long the invitation lasts; we recommend at least a few days or you’ll likely hear back with a request for another. The screener link each person receives is unique, tied only to them, and invalid after it expires.

Not ready to sell your film? No problem. You can send as many screeners as you want, as soon as your video is uploaded. One filmmaker used the platform to send almost 300 Vimeo OTT Screeners to journalists, business partners, fellow filmmakers (the list goes on), and he started sending them a month before the movie’s release.

All usage is logged and monitored for individual recipients and file downloads are disabled. Clicking on a screener link brings viewers to an instant streaming page that looks like this:

Afterward, follow up! Did they enjoy it? Will they write you a glowing review? Invite you to their festival? Share on Facebook or Twitter? Pre-order gift copies? Ask!

Stop rotating your passwords. Improve your release campaign.

Learn more about sending Vimeo OTT Screeners.

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