Do a Reddit AMA

Check out the tips below on doing a Reddit AMA about your work!

Pre-flight Checklist (ASAP)

  1. Setup a reddit user account for the person who will be doing the AMA. A personal, human username like "MrIraGlass" is better than "InvisibleMadeVisible".
  2. Pick a date and time. 9am PST is good. Morning is better than later. Try not to conflict with another big AMA - the schedule is [in the sidebar] -
  3. Tweet that you'll be doing an AMA on said date -- you'll need this as proof to the mods
  4. Using the reddit account that will be doing the AMA, message the IAMA moderators your date and tweet link:

Compose a catchy, personal post

  1. Provide proof. Take a photo of yourself with a sign saying "Hi reddit" and tweet that, rather than just a text tweet. Bonus points if you draw a reddit alien logo. The goal is to be very personal in all of this. It's a group interview!
  2. Catchy, short title. Don't mention that you are promoting something. Don't include a URL in the title, it won't work.
  3. Short description with links. It absolutely needs to have links to (a) the site where you're selling things and (b) your Twitter, Facebook, or another place to keep in touch.

Good examples

AMA day!

  • Get some of your friends on standby to help comb through responses and find good questions - there will probably be more than you can keep up with.
  • A few hours before, remind Twitter/Facebook followers you'll be doing it later and can prep questions.
  • Submit your post 15-30 minutes before your official start time and start bookfacing, tweeting, IM'ing, and email your mailing list that it's live. Make sure you include the link! The short link in the top right of the page is ideal. Submit here:
  • Triple-check that you included a direct link back to the site that is actually selling your amazing product.
  • Answer lots of questions and have fun!

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