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We looked at sales data and found that adding subtitles means more sales. Why? More traffic + a higher conversion rate.

More people can see your film.

At the most basic level, subtitles allow you to reach a wider audience. Because, language! You spent all this time on your creative work, and now you want fans to see it. Subtitles open the door to your potential audience, who are in many countries and speak many languages. On Vimeo OTT, 48% of sales come from outside of the US.
Subtitles also increase the traffic driven to your site from associated countries. Fans in Japan, watching your movie with Japanese subtitles, tell their friends about your movie. That added community immediately grows the potential buzz and social media reach of your content, as fans bring fans to your site. Our data shows that  films and video content with subtitles consistently outperform those without subtitles.

More people coming to your site will buy your film.

Subtitles impact the conversion rates of associated countries significantly. Your conversion rate represents the number of people who buy out of the total number of people who visit your site - an important stat that you can find on your Dashboard.
Your international audience is on average twice as likely to purchase your film after visiting your website when subtitles are available in their language. Check out the data for this Vimeo OTT film, whose international conversion rates jumped after the creators added subtitles in extra languages:

Vimeo OTT gladly  accepts both hard subtitles and soft subtitles.

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