Managing User Account Settings

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INFO - Changing your email, name, & password
BILLING - Managing your saved credit card
EMAILS - Changing your email notification settings
PURCHASES - Viewing your list of Vimeo purchases

To access your Vimeo OTT account settings page, hover over your icon in the upper right hand of the Vimeo OTT Admin and click on Account Settings, or visit



When you load the settings page, you land on the INFO tab. On this tab, you have the ability to change the following:

  • Your email address
  • Your name - First and last
  • Password - You can also reset your password at
  • Delete Account - If you want to totally remove your account from Vimeo OTT, you can do so on the bottom of this profile settings page. If you are an admin or member of a selling Vimeo OTT site, you will need to be removed from those sites before you can delete your account.



On the billing tab, securely save your credit information to quickly purchase Vimeo OTT videos in the future and for subscription charges. Why would you save your card on Vimeo OTT?



The next tab on the settings page lets you manage Vimeo OTT email notifications. These are the different emails that you receive from Vimeo OTT when events occur on your account.

Here is a breakdown of the different kinds of emails you can receive:

  • Universal Vimeo OTT Emails (across all Vimeo OTT sites you are subscribed to):
    • Vimeo OTT Newsletter - Announcements and promotions from Vimeo OTT
    • Comments - Replies to your comments on an Update
    • New videos - New releases to Products you've purchased
    • Updates - New posts from sites you're following
  • Publisher Email Settings (only applies to the site you select in the dropdown):
    • New comments on videos and updates - Any new comments on Update from your site.
    • New update is published - When a new Update is published from that site.
    • New members added - When a new Member or Admin is added to your Vimeo OTT site.
    • Screener is accessed - Whenever a Screener that you've sent out, is accessed.
    • New video released notification - When a new video released is to a Product from that site.
  • Unsubscribe from all Vimeo OTT emails - Click this to stop receiving any notifications from Vimeo OTT.


From the purchases tab of the settings page you can:

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