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WHAT ARE PRODUCTS & How do I create them?

Products are the backbone of running your business on VHX. They are what get sold to your audience from your VHX site. They contain (mainly) your video content, and any extra digital material. There are different types of Products you can sell with VHX:

1. Subscription Products

Subscriptions on VHX allow you to charge your customers on a recurring monthly and/or yearly basis for streaming-only access to your video content. You can add new videos as often as you want. You control the branding, organization, and pricing!

You can see a detailed guide on setting up your subscription here:  How do I sell Subscriptions?

2. Purchase / Rental Products

These types of products are essentially like DVDs! You control what videos/extra material goes in them, the pricing, and the release. Here's a breakdown:

  • Purchase - After buying, the customer OWNS this product. They get unlimited streaming access, and can download it if you have that set. They can login anytime later to watch. Here's how to create: How do I create a Purchase / Rental Product?
    • Pre-orders - For Purchase Products, you can enable Pre-orders. This allows you to collect payment prior to having the content ready to watch. 
  • Rental - Think about the classic video store experience: rent videos for a limited amount of time, at a lower price point. You can offer your own digital rentals as another option for customers to watch your videos. All rented videos are streaming-only, and access lasts for 3 days from the beginning of watching. Read more here.


   With VHX, you can package, price, and organize your video content and sell it how you wish: recurring subscriptions, purchases, rentals, or pre-orders. Here are some tips for selling Products:

  1. Organize videos into playlists, series, or movie collections - When selling subscriptions with lots of content, Collections lets you organize how you wish!
  2. Choose what videos to sell and how - Choose which videos you want to sell, and package them into a Product accordingly. Consider these popular purchase/rental Products: 
    1. Just the movie 
    2. The movie + bonus content (Deluxe edition) 
    3. Just the bonus content
  3. Price your work - Creating a Product is also where you set the price of your content. Read our guide on pricing your work.
  4. Offer free-trials - When selling a subscription, you can enable free-trials for a lower barrier to entry for your audience.
  5. Run a pre-order - Pre-orders allow your audience to buy your film before it's released! You can also give them instant gratifications for pre-ordering. Read our guide on creating a pre-order Product here.
  6. Embed a Product on an external website - With a buy form OR a trailer & buy button on an external site. Read our guide on this here.
  7. Include non-video bonus content - You can include other downloadable content like a soundtrack, PDF booklet, or photos within a Product. That content will show on the watch page of your site if the customer purchases that Product.

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