Understanding the Dashboard

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What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is the first thing you will see upon logging in to your VHX admin. It is the main hub of activity and sales of your site. You will come here to get subscriber activity, traffic breakdowns, to see which products are selling best, and even reasons why your subscribers are canceling their subscriptions.

What analytics are available via the Dashboard?

Monthly Summary

The monthly summary provides with a super quick snapshot of your current month: Gross revenue, Expenses, Net, Growth, and Statements.

Gross Revenue

This is all of revenue your video network has earned  on VHX over the past month. This doesn’t count revenue made on integrated platforms such as BigCommerce, or through the API.


These are all of your fees from VHX - fulfillment fees, subscriber monthly fees, payment vendor fees, transactional product percentage fees, etc.


This is the money you get to keep!  You will get paid each month.


This is the month over month growth percentage of your customer base. For instance, if you made 10k last month and 11k this month, your growth rate was 10%.


This is simply a link to your monthly payout statements. You can read more about these in the  Statements guide.


The Products tab of the Dashboard gives a breakdown of fulfillments and transactions of your product units. 

Units Over Time

This chart outlines product units sold/fulfilled over the time period selected. You can click the time dropdown at the top to change the time period shown and select a bar in the graph to get more granular numbers for that day.

Top Products / Fulfillment Method

Top Products outlines which products performed the best on your VHX site. Note: If you are only selling a subscription product, only 1 product will show, like above.

Fulfillment method shows the best performing way that customers purchase access to your video content.


The Subscribers tab is a complete breakdown of your subscriber data. Note: this tab is only visible to those who are running a  subscription productYou can click the time dropdown at the top to change the time period displayed.

Monthly Subscribers

Insights / Pause & Cancel Reasons

Insights give you percentages of subscriber growth rate, free-trial growth rate, and churn. 

Pause & Cancel Reasons graph out the reasons your subscribers are pausing or canceling their subscriptions.

Other Cancel Reasons

Other Cancel Reasons lists all of the reasons your subscribers can enter when they cancel their subscription and also provides their email addresses in case you want to reach out. 


The Traffic tab outlines all of your VHX site visitor traffic across all devices & apps.

Web Traffic

Web Traffic is just that! All the visits on your VHX site/apps.  You can click the time dropdown at the top to change the time period displayed.

Top Referrers / Location

Top Referrers are the source sites that are driving traffic to your VHX network. You can see the Visits, Units, Conversion Rate, and Revenue generated from each referrer.

Location is the country breakdown of your customers and gives you Visits, Units, Conversion Rates, and Revenue for each.

Navigation Mini-Dash

Lastly, you can see a super quick breakdown of your VHX stats via the mini dashboard in the upper right of the VHX Admin.

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