It's been a good run, VHX Seller Forums

For those of you that have been actively participating in the VHX seller forums - thank you so much for your presence! Based on the feedback received from sellers, we have decided to close the VHX seller forums.

Wait, why did the seller forums shut down?

We built these forums to be a place for sellers to interact, update the community about their projects, and share tips and tricks with each other. After tracking forum usage this year, we struggled to keep sellers actively engaged in the forums, and they were primarily being used for support. In the recent seller survey, we learned that more sellers use the help guides and blog than the forums, and find both of those resources to be more helpful. So we’re going to focus our attention there.

Where should I send my questions/feedback now?

We have an amazing support team! Get in touch any time at We always want to hear your feedback and feature requests. We will also be conducting surveys more frequently, inviting sellers to participate in focus groups, and beta testing new features.

When did this happen?

The forums were removed on 9/21/2016. We announced this in the forums two weeks prior to the shut down to give sellers a head's up. 

Will this affect the community forums that I use to engage with my own customers?

 No. Community forums are here to stay. In fact, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from both sellers and customers, so we’re going to focus on improving this feature.

Still need help? Contact Vimeo OTT Seller Support Contact Vimeo OTT Seller Support