Selling Subscriptions with VHX

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Selling subscriptions with VHX couldn't be easier. Follow along with KK in this how to video or read the guide below:


Prepare your video content & assets

  • Compress your video to our listed video specs.
  • Gather video descriptions, trailers, video artwork, product descriptions, and social media accounts. 
Read the full assets list →

Sign up for VHX

  • Visit to get started.
  • Select Subscriptions (SVOD) from the dropdown, and enter your name, email, password, project name, & country
  • Once signed up, you will be taken to your VHX Admin where you manage all aspects of selling on VHX.
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Upload your video content!

  • Visit the Videos page under the Content tab of your VHX admin and hit the Upload Videos button. You can upload single videos or videos in bulk. Just drag & drop them from your computer!
  • Once uploaded, they will be processed to the proper delivery formats and we will email you when they are ready!
  • Once processed, you can click into each video to add titles, descriptions, artwork, subtitles, control comments, and view stats!

Upload videos & edit settings

Videos help guide →
Manage video content →

Organize your videos into Collections & Categories.

  • Head to the Collections page under the Content tab to create a Collection. Organize your videos into a Movie, Series, or Playlist Collection. 
  • Add Collection titles, descriptions, trailers, and then the videos! Series Collections let you organize into Seasons as well.
  • Create Categories, which are groups of Collections.

Collections / Categories

Collections help guide →
Manage your Collections →

Create a subscription Product.

  • Head to the Products page in the Admin and create a new Subscription product. Add a title, description, trailer, & artwork.
  • Set your prices - recurring monthly and/or yearly. Enable free trials - 0, 3, 7, 14, or 30 days! (Hint - People love free-trials!)
  • Add your video Collections to the product and an optional custom email receipt message.

Subscription Product

Subscription Product help guide →
Manage Subscription Product →

Set up your payout.

  • Visit the Billing page underneath the Account tab of the Admin and add your financial info to VHX to get paid! 
  • At the end of each month, we will send you a statement & your net funds.  This is mandatory before selling with VHX.


Getting Paid help guide →
Manage your Payout →

Design your subscription site.

  • Select a subscription theme for your VHX site via the Website Settings page under the Distribution tab, Platforms page. There are 4 subscription themes available.
  • Customize your chosen theme with our robust theme editor. You can add logos, images, customize colors, add mailing list call outs, and even add your own custom CSS.

Theme editor

Subscription Themes help guide →
Edit your Theme →

Congrats! Your subscription video network is alive!

  • Run a Promo with a discount code! Promos allow you to offer a time-limited discount that will attract new customers. You can use promos for special screening events, weekend flash sales, give them to niche groups, or hand out to friends! They are a great way to start your subscriber base.


  • Spread the word! Your site is now live and your subscription network is open for business. Post to your blog and share your project with the world. Promote your progress posts through social media, press, your mailing list, your contacts (family, friends, related groups & organizations). 
  • Track your sales! See all traffic, sales, and subscriber activity in real time on your VHX Dashboard
  • Build branded apps with VHX! Launch branded apps across all major app stores, so you can be everywhere your audience consumes video. VHX makes deployment across multiple major app stores effortless. Contact us for more information!
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