Choosing a site Theme & customizing it (Purchases/Rentals)

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Selecting a theme
Customizing your theme
Previewing your site
Publishing your site

Selecting a new theme for your VHX site couldn't be easier! 


Selecting a theme


When you  sign up to create a VHX project, the Moonstone theme is automatically applied. It will auto-fill with content when you have videos uploadedProducts or subscriptions for sale. 

Follow these steps to select a theme for your transactional (purchases/rentals) site:

  1. In the VHX admin, click the Distribution dropdown, select Platforms, and click the green Website Settings button. 
  2. On this Website Settings page, you will see your current selected theme, which defaults to Moonstone. Click the Switch Theme button to be taken to the Themes page.
  3. Click the theme you like, and then hit the Select Theme button to set it.
  4. You can then go on to edit the selected theme via the Edit Theme button.

Customizing your chosen Transactional theme

Customize Theme →

Once you have chosen a theme, you are free to customize it. Head to the Platforms page under the Distribution tab and click Edit Design to get started, or visit

Most of our themes are customizable by color, uploaded image assets, social media channels, etc. Get your hands dirty! 


Changes made in this customize panel are auto-saved and will appear in the preview window on the right. The changes will not take effect on your live site until you Publish.


If you really want to edit your site, you have full access to all of your VHX site code in the  code editor. Just click the < > Editor button on the design page. Read our Developer docs to build your own theme!

Code Editor

Reverting changes

If you would like to revert all of your changes since your last  publish, click the Undo button.


To preview a version of your freshly designed site, click the Preview button.


This preview page link that is generated can only be shared with Members or Admins of your VHX site.


Once you have finished designing/editing the site to your heart's desire, the Publish button will make your theme changes go live to your VHX site URL:

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