Hosting Your Site on VHX

When you host your content on VHX, your brand comes first. You control the video content, how it's organized, the pricing, as well as the look and feel of the page. After you create an account on VHX, you have two options for publishing your content:

Host your site with VHX - Use our templates to instantly create a branded destination for your video content. Change images, text, and basic layout options. Your customers can access you anytime on any device by visiting If you want, you can hook up a domain name to customize it even further.

Embed/Integrate your content on your existing website - Already have a site? No problem! You can embed the VHX checkout or trailer on your own site. We support popular website tools like WordPressSquarespace, and Tumblr, but you can easily embed on any page. You can also build something more integrated using our API.

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