How do I edit my VHX site settings?

Manage Site Settings →

To get to your VHX site settings, click the Distribution tab, then Platforms. On that page, click Website Settings next to your site.

On the  Settings page, you can set:

  • Design - Here you can change the design of your VHX site. Read more
  • Theme - Want to select a different theme for your site? Read more.
  • Site visibility - You can toggle if you want your site visible to the public or only to your site members.
  • Title - The title and description should summarize your content and will be search engine optimized. Your site title will also appear at the top of your web page.
  • Description - Your movie or site description.
  • Google Analytics ID - Learn more about Google Analytics here
  • Facebook URL
  • Twitter Username
  • VHX subdomain - Change your VHX url:
  • Custom domain - Set the URL you want to point to your VHX site. eg: "" Learn more here.
  • Permanently delete your site - Want to remove your VHX project site? Click the "Permanently delete this site" link to do so. More info here.

Site Settings

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